Dr. Michelle Major, Executive Director, founded the Seahorse Institute in 2010 to provide children with developmental disabilities and their families a chance to grow and learn as respected members of society. She has extensive experience in the administration of developmental and neuropsychological assessments and has been a licensed and certified school psychologist in both the private and public sectors since 1996. Countless children with special needs have exceeded the expectations of parents and teachers alike under her professional care and guidance.

Dr. Major is recognized as an international expert in the assessment and diagnosis of, as well as intervention for, children with autism and low-incidence disabilities. She has presented and trained professionals in the United States, Bangladesh, Jordan, and the United Emirates. Dr. Major was influential in working with Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida to bring a Master’s Degree program in Exceptional Student Education to The Bahamas. Under her guidance, the Seahorse Institute serves as an international training site for special education teachers and therapists.

Career Highlights

  • Inclusion teacher and verbal behavior therapist (ABA) for children with autism
  • Conducted research in the field of disabilities and education
  • Worked at Child Provider Specialists at the Dan Marino Center, Miami Children’s Hospital in Weston, Florida
  • Served as the Autism Task Force Leader for the executive board of the Florida Association of School Psychologists in 2008
  • Served on the Association of School Psychologists’ executive board for the year 2010/2011, representing low-incidence disabilities for the State of Florida
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology at Barry University where she spent five years training school psychology graduate students in child and adolescent development, counseling, learning theory, academic and behavioral interventions, consultation, and assessment
  • In The Bahamas, she founded the Caribbean Center for Child Development and has been recognized in the media, in courts, and in schools throughout the country.

A Lifetime of Discovering
“I knew from an early age growing up in The Bahamas that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children,” says Dr. Major. “My eyes were opened to the world of autism and other developmental disabilities at college in the States. I found that with the right treatment provided as early as possible, these children can accomplish so much and as a consequence, families can regain hope and optimism for their children. So I worked with some of the top minds in the field at some of the most effective organizations to learn their research-based techniques. Then, I brought my years of education and experience home to The Bahamas and founded the Seahorse Institute. It is now my joy and privilege to work with these amazing, deserving children and train others to do the same.”