Seahorse Institute

Seahorse Institute


Seahorse Institute is a Bahamian non-profit organization that provides intensive research-based and data driven interventions for children, adolescents and adults with Autism and other Developmental delays (i.e., Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities, Language Disorders and Learning Disabilities).

Seahorse Institute is at the forefront in providing scientific research-based intervention care to unlock the potential of our children.  We provide year around programming with a comprehensive curriculum that specializes in the acquisition of language, communication skills, pre-academic and academic independent functioning and socialization skill areas.


A world where individuals with special needs are valued participating members of their communities and that all parents have access to high quality services, regardless of their ability to pay.


Seahorse Institute is a unique collaboration of parents, professionals and community members, that provide a nurturing environment, and develop the full potential of each individual using research-based interventions and multidisciplinary approach addressing individual needs


- All individuals, regardless of their abilities, have the potential to thrive when supported   
  by caring and knowledgeable families and communities.

- The only appropriate education is an effective education. Parental involvement and 
  participation is crucial in a child's development.

- Strive to provide a warm, friendly, and professional environment for individuals with 
  special needs and their families.

- A commitment to provide high quality services at the lowest cost.

- Educational programs should be held accountable to produce outcomes that are social
  valuable, functional, and acceptable.

- An eclectic approach draws on current evidence-based practices to achieve the highest
  standards of care.

- If the child cannot learn by the way that we teach, then we must teach in a way the child
  can learn.

- Behavior in any form, is communication.


Individuals treated at the Seahorse Institute can be seen by a variety of healthcare professionals working together in one or more clinical disciplines. These highly trained professionals work to provide coordinated, interdisciplinary care tailored to the special needs of each child. These professionals include Behavior Analysts, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Educational Specialists.

Each child is unique and therefore, every student’s program is different. We assess each student’s skills on a daily basis to monitor progress and modify teaching strategies as needed. When problems occur, we do not merely identify them, we look for ways to solve them. Progress is tracked and is measurable. As a result of the low staff to student ratio (ratio varies by program), students receive a high level of reinforcement to achieve optimal success.


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