Autism Awareness 2017

Good Day,

From the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas comes our friend “Sunny the Seahorse”. Sunny with his friendly spirit cames as one of Seahorse Institute’s innovative way to spread awareness for children with Autism. Sunny was created by Dr. Michelle Major, Executive Director of Seahorse Institute on March 27, 2017.
Seahorse Institute was founded in 2010 to provide children with Autism and developmental disabilities and their families a chance to learn and grow as respected members of society. Autism effects every 1 in 68 children worldwide today. Sunny has been chosen to be the representative of Seahorse Institute, because of his amazing achievements and the obstacles he has overcome. Several years ago a ten year old boy with Autism told Dr. Major the little known fact that seahorses are the only animal where the male gives birth instead of the female. “It touches me because it is unexpected and proves that anything is possible,” she explains; “We can never say never, that a child will not talk or learn a skill.” Sunny the seahorse exemplifies the realm of possibilities.
Sunny has been and will continue to be a beacon of hope to see children with Autism completely transform. These children have taken the steps to be able to thrive in mainstream communities in the Bahamas, but now we want Sunny’s influence to go further.
Help Sunny make it to every corner of the earth. Let’s talk about Sunny and take him wherever you go. Help Sunny spread awareness about Autism. Take photos with sunny having fun on the beach, reading a book, or even skydiving and upload them to facebook, Instagram, or twitter. Then hash tag the photo to #seahorseinstitute, #sunnyautism, and #autismawareness. Thank you for your continual support during the 9th annual Autism Awareness month. Let’s help Sunny spread awareness.

Click here to download “Sunny”.